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Drought and Water Experts

Water and Drought Information  |  Experts 

UC Agriculture and Natural Resources


UC Berkeley

UC Davis

UC Irvine


Further drought and water experts can be found through the UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability.

UC Merced

UC Riverside

UC Santa Barbara

  • Dave Herbst - water and climate variability impacts on Sierra streams

  • Leah Stokes - water, climate, and energy public policy, Twitter: @leahstokes

  • Naomi Tague - hydrology, ecosystem processes, land use and climate change

  • Casey Walsh - anthropology, political economy, Mexico-United States borderlands, water, commodities

  • Robert Wilkinson - water policy, water/energy/climate integrated analysis

UC Santa Cruz

  • Andrew Fisher - groundwater, managed recharge, extreme precipitation, water quality

  • Ruth Langridge - climate change, drought and water supply, groundwater drought reserves

  • Michael Loik - desert rangeland and montane forest physiology and ecology, ecohydrology, meteorology, and rain and snow processes

  • Eric Palkovacs - freshwater ecology, eco-evolutionary dynamics, fisheries and fish ecology, Twitter: @EricPalkovacs

  • Margaret Zimmer - rainfall-runoff relationships and surface water- groundwater interactions, Twitter: @margaret_zimmer

UC San Diego

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

CSU San Bernardino

CSU Fresno

Further drought and water experts at CSU Fresno can be found through the California Water Institute.

You can also visit our full list of California academic institutions that focus on water. And if you are a California academic that would like to be added, email anrwater at ucanr dot edu.