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Technical Completion Reports

The Technical Completion Reports of supported projects, dating back to 1956, are deposited in the Water Resources Center Archives (WRCA) and are searchable by author, title, and keywords. Reports of projects completed 1998-2010 are available full-text online via the eScholarship repository. From 2011 forward, final project reports are available as pdfs.


Sorghum as a low-input crop for bioenergy, food and feed in California
Jeffrey Dahlberg, 2015CA340B


Evaluation of Surface Water Quality on Soil Leaching Fraction and Alfalfa Yield in the Delta
Michelle Leinfelder Miles, 2013CA309B


Enhancing Groundwater Recharge through Distributed Stormwater Capture
Andrew Fisher, 2013CA307B

Assessing Water Quality & Conservation Attitudes in a Low-Income Multi-Ethnic, Urban California Community
Leigh Taylor Johnson, 2013CA310B


Outreach and Extension Programs for Co-management of Food Safety and Ecosystem Services in Fresh Produce
Mary Bianchi, 2012CA293B


Improving aquifer storage recovery operation to reduce nutrient load and benefit water supply
Andrew Fisher, Marc Los Huertos, Charles Geoffrey Wheat, 2007CA195G


An Advisory Service for Optimum Irrigation Scheduling in California
Allan Fulton, 2010CA264B



Control of mercury methylation in wetlands through iron addition
David L. Sedlak and Patrick D. Ulrich, WR-1012

Monitoring and Modeling Non-Point Source Contributions of Host-Specific Fecal Contaminationin San Pablo Bay
Stefan Wuertz, Fabián A. Bombardelli, Kwanrawee Sirikanchana, et al., WR-1015
Ecohydrologic Effects of Stream Restoration
Jeffrey F. Mount and Christopher T. Hammersmark, W-995
Development of Biosensors for Real Time Analysis of Perchlorate in Water
William T. Frankenberger, Jr., Benedict C. Okeke, and Quan Jason Cheng, W-985 
Nature of Flow and Gas Dynamics Below Spreading Pond
Jordan F. Clark, Dror Avisar, and G. Bryant Hudson, W-962
Cryptosporidium in Bivalves as Indicators of Fecal Pollution in the California Coastal Ecosystem
Patricia A. Conrad, Edward R. Atwill, Ian A. Gardner, Melissa Miller, Christian Leutenegger, Kristen D. Arkush, David Jessup, and Woutrina Miller, W-963
Long-term nitrate leaching below the root zone in California tree fruit orchards
Thomas Harter, William R. Horwath, Jan W. Hopmans, Michelle Denton, and Yuksel S. Onsoy. W-919
Emplacement and release of brines from subsurface
James R. Hunt and Tracey C. Flowers, W-957 

The Speciation and reactivity of wastewater-derived organic nitrogen
David L. Sedlak and Elif Pehlivanoglu, W-972 
A stochastic sediment supply model for a semi-arid landscape
Thomas Dunne and Emmanuel J. Gabet, W-917 

Hydrodynamic design in coastal wetland restoration
Brett F. Sanders and Feleke Arega, W-942
Hydrogeological study and modeling of the Kern Water Bank
Laurent M. Meillier, Jordan F. Clark, and Hugo Loaiciga, W-915 
Numerical Simulation of Land Subsidence in the Los Banos-Kettleman City Area, California
Keith J. Larson, Hakan Basagaoglu and Miguel A. Mariño, W-892
Pharmaceutically-Active Compounds in Alternative Water Supplies
David L. Sedlak, David Cwiertny, James Gray, Ching-Hua Huang, Karen Pinkston, W-882
Corbicula fluminea as an Environmental Assay for Cryptosporidium parvum Oocysts in Surface Waters
Edward R. Atwill, Allen W. Knight, George Tchobanoglous, James Harp, and Tamara L. Rose, W-864 

Stochastic Conjunctive Management of Water Resources in Yolo County
Hakan Basagaoglu, Miguel A. Marino, and Robert H. Shumway, W-874 
Selenium Removal by Constructed Wetlands: Role of Biological Volatilization
Drew Hansen, Peter J. Duda, Adel Zayed, and Norman Terry, W-848
Effects of Herbaceous Riparian Vegetation on Streambank Stability
James W. Kirchner, Lisa Micheli, and John D. Farrington, W-872 

Microbial utilization of particulate organic carbon in northern San Francisco Bay and links to higher trophic levels
Michael C. Murrell, James T. Hollibaugh, Mary W. Silver, and Pat S. Wong, W-875 
Effects of Perennial Grass Buffer Strips on Movement of NPS Pollutants from Cropland to Wetland
Felicia A. Rein, Marc Los Huertos, Robert C. Curry, and Margaret Fitzsimmons, W-866 
Multidimenstional Models for Macroscopic Virus Transport in Porous Media
Constantinos V. Chrysikopoulos and Youn Sim, W-854
Arsenic Geochemistry in Source Waters of the Los Angeles Aqueduct
Janet G. Hering, Jennifer A. Wilkie, and Van Q. Chiu, W-829 
Developments in vadose zone soil solution extraction
Jan W. Hopmans, Graham E. Fogg, and R.F. Denison, W-850 
Optimization of groundwater remediation strategies in aquifers affected by slow desorption processes
Thomas C. Harmon, William W-G. Yeh, Dung Kong, José A. Saez and Yung-Hsin Sun, W-815
Modeling and Stochastic Analysis of Contaminant Transport in Soils and Aquifers
Mohamed M. Hantush, Miguel A. Marino, and Robert H. Shumway, W-832 
Microbial Denitrification of Groundwater using Microporous Membranes
Andrew R. Reising, Phillip R. McCleaf, Bruce O. Mansell, Asher Brenner, and Edward D. Schroeder, W-837 

Mass transfer and kinetics study of the ozonation of refractory organics in waste waters
Edward B. Rinker, Sami S. Ashour, Robert G. Rinker, and Orville C. Sandall, W-838 
Extending the Model of Residential Water Conservation Nature and Scope
Leonardo Corral, Anthony Fisher and Nile W. Hatch, W-775 

Modelling runoff and erosion effects of wildland fires
William E. Dietrich and Frederick A. Booker, W-823
Hydrogeologic response of small watersheds to wildfire
Edward A. Keller, David W. Valentine, and Dennis R. Gibbs, W-781 
Gold Mining Impacts on Food Chain Mercury in Northwestern Sierra Nevada Streams
Darell G. Slotton, Shaun M. Ayers, John E. Reuter, and Charles R. Goldman, W-816 
Expression of in situ biomarkers in striped bass
H.J. Segall, David E. Hinton, and M. Torten, W-796 
Development of an Ecological Model Incorporating Benthic Processes in an Unsteady Framework
Stephen A. Breithaupt, Ian P. King, and Gerald T. Orlob, W-792 
Geophysical Imaging For Contaminated Site Characterization
Yoram Rubin, Nadim Copty, and Sibyl Leigh, W-782 
Accumulation of Toxic Trace Elements in Evaporites in Agricultural Evaporation Ponds
Kenneth K. Tanji, Randy A. Dahlgren, Colin Ong, Mitchell Herbel, Ann Quek, and Suduan Gao, W-742 
Water Use of Tall and Dwarf Crop Plants
J. Giles Waines and Bahman Ehdaie, W-788


Elements of Tidal Marsh Circulation
Ian P. King and Lisa C. Roig, W-763 

Solution Methodology and Validation of Physics-based Stochastic Subsurface Solute Transport Equations
M.L. Kavvas, R.S. Govindaraju, D. Rolston, D. Or, A. Karakas, S. Jones, T. Koos, and J. Biggar, W-750

Furrow Irrigation Model Development and Evaluation
W. W. Wallender, W-658 
Developing the Resource Potential of a Shallow Water Table
D.W. Grimes and D.W. Henderson, W-587 
Channel and flow relationships in tidal salt marsh wetlands
Luna B. Leopold, Laurel Collins, and Moshe Inbar, W-629 

Temperature requirements of Pacific coastal fishes
Peter B. Moyle and Ned K. Knight, W-641 


Optimal Operation of a Multiple Reservoir System
Miguel A. Marino and Hugo A. Loaiciga, W-617 
Salinity and Boron Control Under High-Frequency Low-Volume Irrigation
R.J. Miller, D.E. Rolston, J.W. Biggar, and R.S. Raushkolb, W-545 
Statewide Evaluation of Trace Element Accumulation from Long-Term Disposal of Wastewater
Betty H. Olson, Deborah C. Hill, and Martin G. Rigby, W-568 
The Separation of Thermal and Chemical Effects in Evaluating Geothermal Influences on Aquatic Biota
Vincent H. Resh, Gary A. Lamberti, Eric P. McElravy, and John R. Wood, W-612 

Integrity of Interconnected Water Systems
Roland Schinzinger, Lemba Davy Nyirenda, Magdy Saeb and Ali Peiravi, W-614 
The Evolution of California State Water Planning 1850-1928
W. Turrentine Jackson and Donald J. Pisani, W-571 


Potential of Drip Irrigation in Row Crops for Agricultural Water Conservation in California
W.O. Pruitt, D.W. Henderseon, E. Fereres, and R.M. Hagan, W-572 

Mechanisms of Transport of Copper, Cadmium, and Chromium in Soils
J.W. Biggar, K.K. Tanji, D.R. Nelson, and R.J. Miller, W-511 
An Empirical Assessment of Conjunctive Use and Water Pricing Policy
B. Delworth Gardner, Richard E. Howitt, Charles V. Moore, and Verne H. Scott, W-526
An Economic Evaluation of Greenbelt Irrigation with Effluent Water
William W. Wood Jr., Victor B. Youngner, Gary B. Benoit, and Dale R. Hurd,W-532 


Water Quality Effects of Lead from Recreational Boating
James E. Byrd and Michael J. Perona, W-552 

The effect of recreation on water quality
James E. Byrd and Michael J. Perona, W-531 

An Evaluation of the Effects of Geothermal Energy Development on Aquatic Biota in the Geysers Area of California
Vincent H. Resh, Thomas S. Flynn, Gary A. Lamberti, and Eric McElravy, W-519 

Part I: Potential Usefulness of Antitranspirants for Increasing Water Use Efficiency in Plants
Robert M. Hagan (Project Leader) and David C. Davenport, W-174
Part II: Potential Usefulness of Antitranspirants for Increasing Water Use Efficiency in Plants: Applied Investigations with Antitranspirants
David C. Davenport, Paul E. Martin, Robert M. Hagan (Project Leader), and Mary Ann Fisher, W-174

Salinity/Drainage Program Technical Completion Reports

Assessment of Seawater Intrusion Potential From Sea-level Rise in Coastal Aquifers of California
Hugo A. Loáiciga, Thomas J. Pingel, and Elizabeth S. Garcia, SD-017

Impacts of Delayed Drawdown on Aquatic Biota and Water Quality in Seasonally Managed Wetlands of the Grasslands Ecological Area
Nigel W.T. Quinn, Kyle N. Poole, and Tryg J. Lundquist, SD-014

Impact of Climate Change on Irrigation Water Availability, Crop Water Requirements and Soil Salinity in the SJV, CA
Jan W. Hopmans & Edwin P. Maurer, SD-011 

Sustainable Eco-Systems under Land Retirement
Wesley W. Wallender, SD-009

Salt Dynamics in Non-Riparian Freshwater Wetlands
Mark T. Stacey, SD-008 

Bioaccumulation and Biotransformations of Organic Material-Borne Selenium in Mosquitofish (Determination of Dimethylselenoxide in Solution Using HPLC-HG-AAS)
William T. Frankenberger and Yiqiang Q. Zhang, SD-006

Membrane Desalination of Agricultural Drainage Water: Water Recovery Enhancement and Brine Minimization
Yoram Cohen. SD-001

Large-Scale Utilization of Saline Groundwater for Irrigation of Pistachios Interplanted with Cotton
Blake Sanden, Louise Ferguson, Craig E. Kallsen, Brian Marsh, Robert B. Hutmacher, and Dennis Corwin, PRO-010 

Irrigation Management Improvements for San Joaquin Valley Pima Cotton Systems
Daniel S. Munk and Robert B. Hutmacher, PRO-005

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