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Drought and water experts

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UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Doug Parker - Director, California Institute for Water Resources - water policy, economics, general California drought and water issues

Laurent Ahiablame - urban water management and conservation


Khaled Bali - soils, irrigation, drainage

Michael Cahn
 - water management for vegetables and berries

Ruth Dahlquist-Willard - small farms, irrigation efficiency

Allan Fulton
 - irrigation and water resources

Janet Hartin
 - minimum irrigation requirements of landscape ornamentals

Darren Haver
 - landscaping and drought, Twitter: @DHaverUCANR

Jeremy James - rangelands, pasture, livestock, Twitter: @Jeremy_J_James

Faith Kearns - water and drought policy, ecology, climate change, disasters Twitter: @frkearns

Igor Lacan - urban stormwater management

Michelle Leinfelder-Miles - crop production, soil and water quality, the Delta

David Lewis - watershed management

Dan Macon - rangelands, livestock, drought and water management, Twitter: @flyingmulefarm

Jeff Mitchell - soil cover crops, conservation tillage

Dan Munk - crop evapotranspiration and irrigation management

Lorence (Loren) Oki
 - landscape water management, Twitter: @LorenOki

Dennis Pittenger - landscape water conservation, water requirements of landscapes and landscape plants

Dan Putnam
 - alfalfa and crop forage crop systems, Twitter: @AlfalfaGuy

Tom Scott - drought and wildfire

Richard Snyder
 - evapotranspiration and irrigation scheduling

Also see: UC Agriculture and Natural Resources list of local/regional drought expertise or contact your county cooperative extension office.


UC Berkeley

Ellen Bruno - agricultural and resource economics, Twitter: @ellenm_bruno

Stephanie Carlson - fish ecology, Twitter: @fishsteph

Holly Doremus - water law 

Steve Glaser - Basin-wide Intelligent Water Information Systems, SierraNet real time hydrological data

Ted Grantham - climate change, water resources and freshwater ecology

Nell Green Nylen - water and environmental law

Lynn Ingram - paleoclimate, climate change in California

Michael Kiparsky - law, policy, groundwater, Twitter: @kiparsky 

Matt Kondolf - hydrology, environmental geology, riparian zone management

Laurel Larsen - hydroecology, natural ecosystems

Norm Miller - climate, drought and flooding

Albert Ruhi - freshwater ecology, hydrologic variability, drought, Twitter: @Albert_Ruhi

David Sedlak
 - urban water supply and water reuse, Twitter: @water4point0

David Sunding - agricultural and resource economics 

Sally Thompson
 - drought impacts on ecosystems and surface water systems

David Zilberman - agricultural and resource economics

Further drought and water experts can be found at UC Berkeley News.


UC Davis

Gwen Arnold - fracking, water policy, Twitter: @policyandpups

Helen Dahlke - surface water resources, snowpack and groundwater recharge, Twitter: @hedahlke

Graham Fogg - groundwater and drought, Twitter: @gefogg 

Richard Frank - water law

Steve Grattan - irrigation in arid and semi-arid environments. salinity management, waste-water reuse, crop-salinity relations, plant sensitivity to specific ions and crop water management

Thomas Harter - groundwater contamination and resources, Twitter: @Wasserstille

Mark Lubell - policy, behavior, social network analysis, Twitter: @EnvPolicyCenter

Jay Lund
 - water resource management, Center for Watershed Sciences, Twitter: @JayLund113

Peter Moyle - watershed management and fish

Toby O'Geen - soil-landscape relationships, hydropedology


Lorence (Loren) Oki - landscape water management, Twitter: @LorenOki


Camille Pannu - water law

Nicholas Pinter - flooding, natural hazard management and mitigation

Leslie Roche - rangeland and pasture management, grazing systems, drought and climate change adaptation, Twitter: @UCDRange

Sam Sandoval Solis (available for interviews in Spanish) - agricultural and municipal water, policy

Daniel Sumner - economic impact of drought 

Ken Tate - rangelands, grazing, watersheds, Rangeland Watershed Laboratory

Further drought and water experts can be found through UC Davis California Drought Watch website, the Center for Watershed Sciences, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the Arboretum and Public Gardens, and News and Information.

UC Irvine

Amir Aghakouchak - drought monitoring and forecasting, Global Integrated Drought Monitoring and Prediction System (GIDMaPS), Twitter: @AmirAghaKouchak

Maura Allaire - water resources management, environmental economics, urban water systems 

Dave Feldman
 - water and drought policy 

Brett Sanders - flooding and erosion hazards, FloodRISE

Soroosh Sorooshian
 - drought monitoring, measuring, remote sensing, Center for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing

Nicola Ulibarri - environmental planning & policy, water resources management, collaborative governance, Twitter: @N_Ulibarri


Madelyn Glickfield - integrated local water supply and management in Southern California

Mark Gold - recycled water, stormwater capture, groundwater, local integrated water management

Alex Hall - climate change, regional climate dynamics, hydrological cycle

Stephanie Pincetl - water policy and governance



Gaspar Rivera Salgado - farm labor, migration

Daniel Swain - climate change, extreme weather events, Twitter: @Weather_West

Further drought and water experts can be found through the UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability.

UC Merced

Roger Bales - climate change, snow and ice, SierraNet real time hydrological data, Twitter: @rbalesuc

Martha Conklin
 - surface/groundwater interaction, snow processes

Tom Harmon
 - contaminant transport, development and use of environmental sensors

Steve Hart
 - forest/fire/water interaction

Mark Matsumoto - urban and agricultural water reuse, small-scale treatment systems

Tapan Pathak - climate change, agriculture, drought

Mohammad Safeeq - climate change, forest ecohydrology, watershed systems, Twitter: 

Josh Viers - climatic and hydrological change vulnerability, watershed management, Twitter: @VICElab

UC Riverside

Hoori Ajami - ]hydrology, surface water-groundwater interactions

Ken Baerenklau - urban water conservation

Ariel Dinar - water and environmental economics

Andrew Gray - watershed hydrology

David Jassby - membrane technologies, wastewater recycling and desalination

Amir Haghverdi - urban water management, landscape evapotranspiration, smart irrigation technologies, soil hydrology, Twitter: @UCRWater 

Haizhou Liu - aquatic chemistry, water supply and salt management

Mark Matsumoto - urban and agricultural water reuse, small-scale treatment systems

Mehdi Nemati - water resource economics and policy

Dennis Pittenger - landscape water conservation, water requirements of landscapes and landscape plants

Kurt Schwabe
 - drought in arid and semi-arid areas, agriculture, economics

Sharon Walker - water quality and reuse

Melanie Yazzie - water, Navajo/American Indian history, settler colonialism, political ecology


UC Santa Barbara

Dave Herbst - water and climate variability impacts on Sierra streams

Leah Stokes - water, climate, and energy public policy, Twitter: @leahstokes

Naomi Tague - hydrology, ecosystem processes, land use and climate change

Casey Walsh - anthropology, political economy, Mexico-United States borderlands, water, commodities

Robert Wilkinson - water policy, water/energy/climate integrated analysis

UC Santa Cruz

Andrew Fisher - groundwater, managed recharge, extreme precipitation, water quality, The Recharge Initiative

Ruth Langridge
- climate change, drought and water supply, groundwater drought reserves

Michael Loik
- desert rangeland and montane forest physiology and ecology, ecohydrology, meteorology, and rain and snow processes

Eric Palkovacs - freshwater ecology, eco-evolutionary dynamics, fisheries and fish ecology

UC San Diego

Daniel Tartakovsky - groundwater and surface water/groundwater interaction

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Dan Cayan – Director, California Nevada Applications Program (CNAP) – climate variability and climate change, and climate-hydrology-other sector linkages  

Michael Dettinger – drought weather, drought linkages to extreme storms, tropical influences on western US drought, climate change, snow and snowmelt, streamflow, and (some) groundwater, Twitter: @dettinger

Dave Pierce - California snowpack, Colorado River water supply, El Nino and La Nina, and climate change

Marty Ralph – Director, Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes (CW3E) – atmospheric rivers, and developing strategies and inputs for potential future forecast-informed reservoir operations

Anne Steinemann – drought indicators, drought plans and planning, drought monitoring and forecasting, and the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS)


CSU Fresno

Karl Longley - salinity management, water and wastewater treatment, water policy

David Zoldoske
- water use efficiency

Further drought and water experts at CSU Fresno can be found through the California Water Institute.

You can also visit our full list of California academic institutions that focus on water. And if you are a California academic that would like to be added, email faith dot kearns at ucop dot edu.


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