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Tools and Resources

CIWR works with collaborators and water agencies to develop resources that support improved water management practices in California.

Drought Mitigation

Whether in times of plenty or during drought, California’s academic institutions serve as a tremendous resource both in offering everything from near-term management advice to farmers and ranchers to the innovative work being carried out by researchers on topics ranging from drought resistant crops to snow sensors to climate change. Visit our drought and water pages for experts and informational resources

Climate-Smart Agriculture

California Secretary of Agriculture Karen Ross and UC Agriculture and Natural Resources vice president Glenda Humiston signed a memorandum of understanding in to begin a new partnership advancing climate-smart agriculture in California. This partnership provides $1.1 million for 10 UC Cooperative Extension community education specialists who are deployed to counties across the state. Read more about the program and find your county Technical Assistance Provider today.

Nitrogen Management

The University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, with support from the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Fertilizer Research and Education Program, developed training program aimed at helping growers to develop efficient nitrogen management practices. The training was offered for several years to Certified Crop Advisers, and the presentations and videos from those trainings are now available. In addition, we have developed a science-based publication series that captures the fundamentals of the course materials. Finally, the training series has moved online. See our nitrogen course page for more information and to register.

Nitrate Groundwater Pollution Hazard Index

The Nitrate Groundwater Pollution Hazard Index was developed to provide information to farmers interest in voluntary management practices that reduce nitrogen contamination potential in groundwater.

CropManage: Online Irrigation Scheduling

CropManage is a tool for online irrigation scheduling of vegetables and berries. CropManage was designed to be as intuitive as possible for growers and farm managers to use, with a secure login procedure so that only individuals with permission can view and/or edit water and nitrogen fertilizer records of a particular farming operation.     


ENVIRO-GRO was developed to provide simulations of the growth of agricultural crops. The program simulates subsurface variably-saturated water flow, solute transport, root water uptake, nitrogen uptake, and relative yield for agricultural applications.

California Academic Water Programs

California's world-class higher education system offers a wide variety of resources and expertise on water-related issues in the state and around the world.