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Publications and Presentations by CIWR and Affiliates

Climate Smart Agriculture Program Impact Report

2019-2022 Impact Report for the Climate Smart Agriculture Program at UC ANR

UC ANR and the California Department of Food and Agriculture

In September 2023, we published an impact report for the UC ANR Climate Smart Agriculture technical assistance program in CIWR. The program has supported over 1,300 farmers and ranchers in California and resulted in over 400 successful applications for state grant programs totaling $36 million.

Check out UC ANR's blog post of the program.

Guidelines for Agave Selection and Production in California

A guidebook for California's emerging Agave industry.

UC Davis Water Management Lab

In August 2023, the Water Management Lab at UC Davis, supported by CIWR and others, published a guidebook for agave selection and management in California. California producers are exploring agave as a financially viable, environmental resilient, and culturally appropriate crop. The guidebook provides easy-to-use information for growers who are interested in agave production or are currently producing agave in California. In addition to the common species, the guidelines cover other non-traditional agave species.

Check out the website for the project.

Systems Analysis of Metropolitan-Scale Reuse
with Effects on Water Supply Resilience
and Water Quality

Cluster Analysis and Predictive Modeling
of Urban Water Distribution System Leaks
with Socioeconomic and Engineering Factors

Climate Change Trends and Impacts on
California Agriculture: A Detailed Review

Supporting Sustainable Groundwater

Advancing water resource management
in agricultural, rural, and urbanizing
watersheds: Why land-grant
universities matter

Other Publications

Strategic Plan: The California Institute for Water Resources Strategic Plan for 2019-2023 is now available.

Annual ReportsThe annual reports of the institute from 1999-present, plus annual reports from the Salinity/Drainage Program for 2000-2005.

Technical Completion Reports: Final results of funded research projects. Years 1998 to 2009 available full-text online via UC eScholarship. 2009-present available online as PDFs. Previous years are available at the Archives in hard copy.

Media Articles: Articles written by institute staff, academics, and affiliates.

Contributions: Published technical reports of sponsored research projects.


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