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Nitrogen Management

CIWR has over a decade of experience developing training programs to improve nitrogen management practices in California. Working with experts in the UC Cooperative Extension, we developed workshop training materials for Certified Crop Advisers and created educational initiatives to understand adoption of improved nitrogen management. 

Nitrogen Management Courses and Trainings

Starting in 2014, CIWR has created materials for in-person and online trainings that improve educational resources for nitrogen management. CIWR's training materials are used by Certified Crop Advisers and agricultural producers in California to understand reporting requirements and best management practices.

Project Leaders: Doug Parker (CIWR/UC ANR, from 2014 through 2023), Faith Kearns (CIWR/UC ANR), Amanda Crump (UC Davis), Sat Darshan (UC Davis), Erik Porse (CIWR/UC ANR), 

Project Support: CDFA Contract #19-0951-000-SA

Nitrogen and Irrigation Initiative

The Nitrogen and Irrigation Initiative (NII) focuses on improving nitrogen and irrigation management in California by closing the information access and training gap. Through the program, UC ANR experts provide educational content, training, and consultations to growers and their consultants in the San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast. The NII is a collaborative program of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the University of California, Davis. The program is administered by CIWR.

The program offers educational resources, on-farm trials, training events, and grower consultations.

Project Leaders: Khaled Bali (UC ANR), Sam Sandoval Solis (UC Davis/UC ANR), Aparna Gazula (UC ANR), Mae Culumber (UC ANR), Rachel Shellabarger (CIWR/UC ANR), Erik Porse (CIWR/UC ANR), Doug Parker (CIWR/UC ANR, from May 2022 through March 2023)

Project Support: CDFA Contract #21-0619-001-SF


UC ANR's Nitrogen and Irrigation Initiative provides trainings and on-farm consultations in Central Valley and Central Coast counties (photo credit: UC ANR NII program, https://ucanr.edu/sites/nii/)