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Archived Publications

Publications of the former Water Resources Center (2009 and previous):

Contributions: Published technical reports of research projects sponsored by the center.

Annual Reports: The annual reports of the center from 1999-2009, plus annual reports from the Salinity/Drainage Program for 2000-2005.

Technical Completion Reports (TCR): Final result of center funded research projects. Each report includes the most significant findings, and when appropriate, the application or utility of those findings relative to the problem addressed by the research. Years 1998 to 2009 available full-text online via eScholarship. Previous years are available at the Archives in hard copy.

Water Resources Center Archives Library: Most older publications are held at, and are available for viewing or loan from, the WRC Archives. Some of the publications listed here are out-of-print and are indicated by an asterisk (*). They may be available from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS).