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The California Institute for Water Resources develops and supports water-related research, education, and outreach. Our programs focus on training current and future professionals to support the future of agricultural production in California.

Nitrogen Management

For a decade, CIWR has supported training and research to improve nitrogen management in California. Through funding from the California Department of Food and Agriculture, we developed a training program to support growers in developing efficient nitrogen management practices. The training is offered to Certified Crop Advisers, and the presentations and videos from those trainings are available, along with a science-based publication series that captures the fundamentals of the course materials. CIWR also coordinates research and education programs throughout the UC Cooperative Extension to improve nitrogen and irrigation management practices.

Climate Smart Agriculture

CIWR hosts a joint program between UC ANR and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to increase adoption of climate smart agriculture practices in California. In 2018, California Secretary of Agriculture Karen Ross and UC ANR Vice President Glenda Humiston signed a memorandum of understanding to fund Technical Assistance Providers in UC ANR, who work with farmers throughout California to increase the adoption of climate smart agriculture practices such as irrigation efficiency, cover crops, and composting. As one of CDFA's technical assistance providers, the UC ANR-CDFA partnership has provided support for over $36 million in funded projects through CDFA's grant programs

Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy

The Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy originated 1996 with an endowment gift from the Bank of America. The overarching theme of the Rosenberg Forum is "Reducing Conflict in the Management of Water Resources." The Forum is held every other year in different locations. Interactive discussions about the science of water management and different experiences in water management are at the heart of the Forum. In addition to in-person events, the Rosenberg Forum also hosts online webinars

UC ANR Strategic Initiative on Water

Water is essential to California's economy. As such, water supply and its quality are critical issues facing the state's agricultural, urban, and environmental systems over the next 20 years and beyond. The overall goal of the Water Initiative is to define, prioritize, and implement actions that effectively and efficiently help California address these issues and challenges.





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