California Institute for Water Resources
California Institute for Water Resources
California Institute for Water Resources
University of California
California Institute for Water Resources

California's Academic Water Programs


University of California 

Multi-campus Initiatives

California Institute for Water Resources

California Sea Grant

UC Water Security and Sustainability Research Initiative

UC Berkeley

Berkeley Water Center

UC Davis

Center for Watershed Sciences

Tahoe Environmental Research Center

UC Irvine

Center for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing

Water UCI

Weather-Energy Nexus (WEX) Center

UC Los Angeles

Water Technology Research Center

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability Water Program

UC Merced

Sierra Nevada Research Institute

UC Riverside

Water Resources Archives and Collections

UC San Diego

Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes

UC Santa Barbara

Energy and Water Sustainability Research Program

UC Santa Cruz

Center for Integrated Water Research

The Recharge Initiative


California State University 

Multi-campus Initiatives

Water Resources and Policy Initiative

Council on Ocean Affairs, Science, and Technology

Cal Poly

Irrigation Training and Research Center

CSU Fresno

Center for Irrigation Technology

California Water Institute

International Center for Water Technology

CSU Pomona

Center for Turf, Irrigation, and Landscape Technology

CSU Sacramento

Office of Water Programs

CSU San Bernardino

Water Resources Institute

CSU San Diego

Coastal Waters Laboratory


Other California Academic Water Programs


Water in the West

Woods Institute Global Freshwater Initiative

University of Southern California

USC Sea Grant

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