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Flood experts

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Flood impacts, forecasting, models

Dennis Lettenmaier, UCLA

Modeling and predicting the role of land hydrology in the climate system, hydrologic variability related to changing climate and land cover/land use

David Neelin, UCLA

El Niño/Southern Oscillation phenomenon, climate variation

Dave Pierce, UC San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography

California snowpack, Colorado River water supply, El Niño and La Niña, and climate change

Erik Porse, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Director, California Institute for Water Resources, water policy, general California water issues

Marty Ralph, UC San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Director, Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes (CW3E), atmospheric rivers, and developing strategies and inputs for potential future forecast-informed reservoir operations

Soroosh Sorooshian, UC Irvine

Director, Center for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing, precipitation measurement, remote sensing

Daniel Swain, UCLA

Climate, extreme events, Twitter: @Weather_West


Climate, temperatures, snowpack

Roger Bales
, UC Merced 

Climate change, snow and ice, SierraNet real time hydrological data, Twitter: @rbalesuc

Dan Cayan, UC San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Director, California Nevada Applications Program (CNAP), climate variability and climate change, and climate-hydrology-other sector linkages  

Martha Conklin, UC Merced

Surface/groundwater interaction, snow processes

Lynn Ingram, UC Berkeley

Paleoclimate, climate change in California

Safeeq Khan, UC Merced

Climate change and hydrologic extremes, Twitter: @safeeqkhan

Norm Miller, UC Berkeley

Climate, flooding

Tapan Pathak, UC Merced

Climate adaptation in agriculture


Flooding and infrastructure

Amir Aghakouchak, UC Irvine

Monitoring and forecasting, FloodRISE, Twitter: @AmirAghaKouchak

Timu Gallien, UC San Diego

Urban and coastal flooding

Jay Lund, UC Davis

Water resource management,Center for Watershed Sciences, Twitter:@JayLund113

Nicholas Pinter, UC Davis 

Flooding, natural hazard management and mitigation

Brett Sanders, UC Irvine

Flooding and erosion hazards, FloodRISE, Twitter: @UCIFloodLab


Risk, policy, natural disaster response

Ed Balsdon, San Diego State University

Risk management

Robert Bea, UC Berkeley

Risk assessment and management of engineered systems, Center for Catastrophic Risk Management

Dave Feldman, UC Irvine

Water policy, Twitter: @WaterUCI

Mark Lubell, UC Davis

Water policy, cooperation and decision-making, network analysis, Twitter: @EnvPolicyCenter

Gaspar Rivera Salgado, UCLA

Farm labor, migration

Christine Rodrigue, CSU Long Beach

Hazards, emergency management, risk assessment and management

Robert Wilkinson, UC Santa Barabara

Water policy, water/energy/climate integrated analysis


Agriculture and food safety

Khaled Bali, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Soils, irrigation, drainage

Michael Cahn, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Water management for vegetables and berries

Ted DeJong, UC Davis

Tree crop physiology 

Luis Espino, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources


John Madigan, UC Davis

Equine- flooding, evacuation, standing water, flood related injuries and illness

Jeff Mitchell, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Soil cover crops, conservation tillage

Dan Munk, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Irrigation management

Toby O'Geen, UC Davis

Soil-landscape relationships, hydropedology

Mike Payne, UC Davis

Livestock health, Western Institute of Food Safety and Security

Robert H. Poppenga, UC Davis

Animal exposure to chemicals/toxicants as a result of flooding

Sam Sandoval Solis (available for interviews in Spanish), UC Davis

Agricultural and municipal water, policy, Twitter: @samuelsandoval

Ken Tate, UC Davis

Rangelands, grazing, watersheds, Rangeland Watershed Laboratory


Urban and storm water management

Maura Allaire, UC Irvine

Water resources management, environmental economics, urban water systems, Twitter: @WaterEquityLab

Ken Baerenklau, UC Riverside

Urban water conservation

Missy Gable, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Landscape water management, Twitter: @UCmastergarden

Madelyn Glickfield, UCLA

Institute of Environment and Sustainability, integrated local water supply and management in Southern California

Igor Lacan, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Urban stormwater management

Mark Matsumoto, UC Riverside 

Urban and agricultural water reuse, small-scale treatment systems

Lorence (Loren) Oki, UC Davis 

Landscape water management, Twitter: @LorenOki

Dennis Pittenger, UC Riverside

Landscape water conservation, water requirements of landscapes and landscape plants

David Sedlak, UC Berkeley

Urban water supply, Twitter: @water4point0



Helen Dahlke, UC Davis

Surface water resources, flood irrigation, snowpack and groundwater recharge, Twitter: @hedahlke

Andrew Fisher, UC Santa Cruz

Groundwater, managed recharge, extreme precipitation, water quality, The Recharge Initiative

Graham Fogg, UC Davis


Thomas Harter, UC Davis

Groundwater contamination and resources, Twitter: @Wasserstille 

Daniel Tartakovsky, UC San Diego

Groundwater and surface water/groundwater interaction



Matt Kondolf, UC Berkeley

Hydrology, environmental geology, riparian zone management

Laurel Larsen, UC Berkeley

Hydroecology, wetlands, sediment transport, environmental fluid mechanics

David Lewis, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Watershed management

Peter Moyle, UC Davis

Watershed management and fish

Scott Stephens, UC Berkeley

Wildfire impacts, forest management

Sally Thompson, UC Berkeley

Ecosystems and surface water systems

Josh Viers, UC Merced

Watershed science, climatic and hydrological change vulnerability assessment and adaptation strategies

You can also visit our full list of California academic institutions that focus on water. For county-level UC Agriculture and Natural Resources experts, contact your county cooperative extension office.

Note: if you are a California academic with flood-related expertise that would like to be added to this list, please email anrwater at ucanr.edu.