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2016 Proven Solutions to Drought Stress Workshop

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The workshop Proven solutions to drought stress: Water management strategies for perennial crops with limited and impaired water supplies was held January 12-13, 2016 in Modesto, California. The workshop was co-sponsored with USDA-ARS and Israel Ministry of Agriculture. Videos for each of the presentations can be viewed using the links below, speaker bios also available.

California Response to Drought


USDA-ARS, ARO, UC welcome conference remarks

Overview on the 2013-2015 California Drought and UC Coordinated Effort Doug Parker, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

El Niño Forecast for California and Possible Impacts on Irrigated Agriculture: Is the Drought Over?

Michael Anderson, California Department of Water Resources
Technology of Water Management

Soil and Water Sensing

Dan Munk, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

ETc Estimates - Weather Stations (CIMIS) and Surface Renewal

Rick Synder, UC Davis

Consideration in Selecting Water Stress Indicators Amos Noar, The Golan Research Institute of the University of Haifa

Precision Water and Fertility Management During Deficit Irrigation

Victor Alchanatis, Ministry of Agriculture, Israel


State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program

Amrith Gunasekara, Science Advisor, California Department of Food and Agriculture 

Alternative Water Supplies

Irrigation With Recycled and Desalinated Water

Uri Yermiyahu, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel

Effects of Irrigation With Poor Quality Water on the Soil - California Experience

Don Suarez, George E. Brown Salinity Lab, USDA-ARS

Effects of Irrigation With Poor Quality Water on the Soil - Israeli Experience

Guy Levy, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel

The Challenge of Sustainable Irrigation with Water High in Salts: Lessons from Dates, Olives and Grapevines

Alon Ben Gal, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel
Water Management Strategies During Drought

Australian Experience

Ian Goodwin, Horticulture Production Sciences, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, Australia

Irrigation Planning/Budgeting - ETo Forecasting, Deficit Irrigation Concepts, Crop and Irrigation Variability

John Hornbuckle, Deakin University, Australia

Cultivation Under Protective Structures to Save Water

Shabtai Cohen, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel

Technology Demonstrations

Irrigation Scheduling - Australian Experience - IrriSAT Approach

Q and A

John Hornbuckle, Deakin University, Australia
Using the Pressure Chamber for Drought Management Decisions Ken Shackel, UC Davis 
Irrigation System Evaluation Brian Hockett, NW Kern Resource Conservation District
Salinity Mapping for Water Management Sharon Benes, CSU Fresno
Citrus - Israeli Experience: Long Term Effects of Deficit Irrigation, Salinity, and Rootstocks on Orchard Productivity Eran Raveh, Gilat Research Centre
Olives - Israeli Experience: Cultivation Under Limited Water Availability Arnon Dag, Agricultural Research Organization (Israel)
Avocado - Israeli Experience Anat Levingrat, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Israel)
Subtropical Crops - California Experience Ben Faber, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Citrus/Avocado/Olives Fruit Growers Panel

Table and Wine Grape Irrigation Scheduling

Larry Williams, UC Davis 

Wine Grapes Irrigation - Coastal Vineyards Mark Battany, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources
Wine Grapes Irrigation: San Joaquin Valley KaanKurtural, UC Davis


Grape - Growers Panel

Deciduous Nut Crops
Deciduous Nut Crops - Irrigation and Crop Load Interactions Amos Naor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Almond Irrigation, the Israeli Experience Fathi Abd Elhadi, freelance consultant
Deciduous Nut Crops - California Experience David Doll, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources
Pistachios Irrigation Blake Sanden, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Walnut Irrigation

Alan Fulton, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Deciduous Nut Crops - Grower Panel