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Water and COVID-19

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is presenting challenges across many facets of our lives, and water is no exception. While research related to water and COVID-19 is still emerging, there are some key areas, including safety, access, and infrastructure, where more information is available. Please explore the links below to find practical, credible resources. These will be updated as new information becomes available.

For an overview, read our recent blog post on water and COVID-19.

Information about COVID-19 is also available from the CDC in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean and from the World Health Organization in Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian.

Water safety

Water Access and Hygiene

Water Infrastructure

Water and COVID-19 in the News

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UC COVID-19 Resources

Learning Resources for Water in California

The California Institute for Water Resources has many online resources for learning more about water in California:

  • Insights webinar series – recorded talks from experts in the UC system and beyond on topics ranging from groundwater to wildfire to drought.

  • Silver Solutions webinar series – join the series live on the second Tuesday of the month and/or watch the previously recorded talks from cooperative extension specialists from several UC campuses.

  • Drought tips for ranchers, growers, and homeowners – a free, science-based resource on drought-related best practices. Many also available in Spanish at the same link.

  • The Confluence – our blog covers a wide range of water issues and experts in California.

Updated 5/15/2020: The information on this page will continue to be updated as new information emerges.

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