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Category II - Aquatic Ecosystems

Funded 2007-2008 

Climate Variability of the Sierra Nevada over the last Millennium: Reconstructions from Annually Laminated Sediments in Swamp Lake, Yosemite National Park, California (pdf)
Daniel R. Cayan, Climate Research Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Christopher D. Charles, Geosciences Research Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Funded 2006-2007 

Determining Factors for Eurasian Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum L.) Spread in and around Lake Tahoe, CA-NV (pdf)
Bruce Kendall, Donald Bren School of Env. Science & Mgt., UC Santa Barbara

Control of Mercury Methylation in Wetlands through Iron Addition (pdf)
David L. Sedlak, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley

Distribution, Movement, & Outmigration of Juvenile Coho Salmon in the Shasta River: Relationships with Environmental Factors and Irrigation Water Management (pdf)
Lisa C. Thompson, Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology, UC Davis
Daniel Jay Drake, UC Cooperative Extension, Siskiyou County

Funded 2005-2006 

Metal Cycling and Bioavailability During Phytoplankton Blooms in South San Francisco Bay (pdf)
A. Russell Flegal, Department of Environmental Toxicology, UC Santa Cruz

Investigating the Role of Nitrogen Fixation and Denitrification in Ameliorating Deteriorating Water Quality in a Highly Eutrophic Southern California Estuary
Peggy Fong, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Los Angeles

Quantifying Sediment Resuspension Linkages to Nutrient Enrighment in the Existing and Future Salton Sea
S. Geoffrey Schladow, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Davis

Funded 2004-2005

Understanding the Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Wetland Evapotranspiration, Primary Production, and Nutrient Cycling (pdf)
Michael Goulden, Department of Earth System Science, UC Irvine

Non-Native Fish in Mountain Lakes: Effects on a Declining Amphibian and Ecosystem Subsidy
Sharon P. Lawler, Department of Entomology, UC Davis

Nutrient Deposition and Alteration of Food Web Structure in High Sierran Lakes: Response by Microbial Communities 
John M. Melack, Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, UC Santa Barbara 

Funded 2003-2004

Hydrological Regimes, Pond Morphology, and Predation: Using Complex Interactions to Control an Aquatic Invasive Species 
Cheryl Briggs, Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley

Using Marine Derived Nitrogen in Tree Rings to Assess Nutrient Flux and Salmon Escapement 
Michael Johnson, John Muir Institute of the Environment, UC Davis

Funded 2002-2003

Influence of Nutrient Loading on the Invasion of an Alien Plant Species, Giant Reed (Arundo donax) in Southern California Riparian Ecosystems
Richard F. Ambrose, Dept. of Environmental Health Science, UC Los Angeles

Structure and Seasonal Changes of Nematode Communities from Vernal Pools (Santa Rosa Plateau)
Paul De Ley, Department of Nematology, UC Riverside

Pyrethroid Insecticides in Nursery Runoff: Transport and Impact on Aquatic Invertebrates
Jay Gan, Department of Environmental Sciences, UC Riverside

Linking Upland Landcover Change with Wetland Structure in Elkhorn Slough, CA
Nina M. Kelly, Environmental Sciences Policy and Management, UC Berkeley

Upstream and Upslope Translocation of River-Borne Materials by Aquatic and Riparian Organisms: Contrasts in Spatial Fluxes along Mainstems and at Tributary Confluences
Mary Power, Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley

Funded 2001-2002

Fate of Viruses, Endocrine Disrupters, and Nitrogen in Non-Conventional Onsite Wastewater Treatment Processes: A Technical and Economic Analysis 
Jeannie L. Darby, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Davis

Restoring Alpine Lake Ecosystems Through Control of Trout Spawning 
Peter Moyle, Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology, UC Davis

Funded 2000-2001

Freshwater Mussels in California's North Coastal Streams; Current Status and Geomorphologic Controls
Kurt Cuffey, Geography, UC Berkeley

The Influence of Introduced Trout on the Diversity and Structure of Native Aquatic Invertebrate Communities in High Sierran Streams
David B. Herbst, Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab, UC Santa Barbara

Conservation Genetics of the Tidewater Goby -- Eucyclogobius newberryi (pdf)
David Jacobs, Organismic Biology, Ecol. & Evolution, UC Los Angeles 

Assessing the Response of Degradative Biofilms to Groundwater Pollutants
Jay Keasling, Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley
Eric Gilbert, UC Berkeley

Examining the Relative Influence of Riparian and Upland Landcover and Landuse on Instream Habitat: Improved Methods for the Russian River Basin (pdf)
Nina Maggi Kelly, Environmental Sci., Policy, and Mgmt., UC Berkeley
Adina M. Merenlender, Environmental Sci., Policy, and Mgmt., UC Berkeley 

Effects of Fine Sediment Storage on Food Web Structure and Juvenile Salmonid Rearing in North Coast California Rivers
Mary Power, Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley

The Importance of Algal Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) and Carbon Flow Pathways in Mercury Transfer into the Lower Biota of Two California Lakes (pdf)
Darell Slotton, Environmental Science & Policy, UC Davis

Funded 1999-2000

How California Fishes Swim Upstream Past Rapids, Waterfalls and Human-Made Barriers (pdf)
Malcolm S. Gordon, Organismic Biology, Ecol. & Evolution, UC Los Angeles 

Sources of Inorganic Nitrogen Utilized by Salt Marsh Macroalgae: Identification Using Stable Nitrogen Isotope Ratios 
Henry M. Page, Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara

Habitat Features and Aquatic Health: Evaluating California’s Stream Bioassessment Procedure in Natural and Artificial Streams in a Grazed Eastern Sierra Valley
Kenneth W. Tate, Agronomy and Range Science, UC Davis

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