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Historical Timeline

1956: California Legislature passes SB67 allocating $100,000 to University of California for research and analysis in water resources

1957: University of California established the Water Resources Center (WRC) as a multi-campus research unit with a budget of $250,000, equivalent to $2.1 million in 2014

1964: WRC was designated as California’s Water Resources Research Institute to be part of the National Institutes of Water Resources established through US Department of Interior and later the US Geological Survey

1985: UC Salinity-Drainage Program assigned to WRC

1988: Prosser Trust endowment to promote irrigation efficiency assigned to WRC

1996: UC received an endowment gift from Bank of America to establish the Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy

2009: WRC closed due to budget cuts

  • NIWR function assigned to UC ANR
  • Prosser Trust assigned to UC ANR
  • Rosenberg Forum assigned to UC ANR
  • Water Resources Center Archives transferred to UCR and CSUSB

2010: WRC functions moved to UC ANR at its Oakland headquarters in the UC Office of the President

2011: California Institute of Water Resources (CIWR) founded to replace WRC