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Opening Ceremony: Welcome by the Chair 
Soroosh Sorooshain, Chair, Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy, Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California, USA

Opening Ceremony: Welcome
Glenda Humiston, Vice President, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California, USA

Groundwater: Making Invisible Visible
Neno Kukuric, Director, International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre, Delft, The Netherlands

Opportunities and Challenges in Groundwater Policy and Governance
Andrea Gerlak, Professor, Udall Center, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Land Subsidence Hazards Challenge Groundwater Sustainability in Many Inland and Costal Aquifer Systems
Devin Galloway, Research Hydrologist, Water Mission Area, US Geological Survey, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Groundwater Depletion and its Implications for Sustainable Groundwater Management
Lenny Konikow, Emeritus Scientist, US Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia, USA

Geophysical Imaging of Groundwater Systems
Rosemary Knight, Professor, Dept. of Geophysics, Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA

California Climate, Groundwater, and Their Interrelated Future
Claudia Faunt, Supervisory Hydrologist, California Water Science Center, US Geological Survey, San Diego, California, USA

Groundwater Management Through Electricity Reforms: Case Studies From Three States in India
Aditi Mukherji, Theme Leader, Water and Air, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, Nepal

China: Safe and Sustainable Groundwater Supply in China
Yanxin Wang, Professor, School of Environmental Study, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China

Iran: Food Self-Sufficiency of Groundwater Bankruptcy?
Kaveh Madani, Centre for Environmental Policy, Faculty of Natural Sciences,
Imperial College London, U.K.

Regulating Groundwater Uses In Spain: A Long-Distance Race
Lucia de Stefano, Associate Professor, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain and Deputy Director, Water Observatory of the Botin Foundation

Richard Rosenberg Visit
Richard "Dick" Rosenberg visits with participants at the Tenth Biennial Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy

Will We Get to "Safe Yield?" Embracing and Dodging Groundwater Sustainability in Arizona
Paul Hirt, Professor, School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA

Mexico: Groundwater Management Paradigm Shift in Mexico:Urban Areas Growing vs Land Subsidence
Dora Carreon Freyre, Researcher, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Juriquilla, Queretaro, Mexico

Groundwater Recharge Using the Agricultural Landscape
Helen Dahlke, Professor, Dept. of Land, Air & Water Resources, University of California, Davis, USA

Groundwater Governance, Policy and Regulation in the Arab World: A Reviewed Paradigm
Alvar Closas, Acting Office Head, MENA Region, International Water Management Institute, Cario, Egypt

Closing Remarks
Soroosh Sorooshian, Chair, Advisory Board on Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy

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