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Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy - 8th Forum Proceedings

Managing Water in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities
Proceedings of the 8th Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy

Alberto Garrido and Ayman Rabi, Editors

Full Proceedings (pdf)

By chapter: (pdfs)

PART 1. Keynote Papers: Views of Top Policymakers

Chapter 1: Bridging Science and Policy in the Domain of Water: A Middle Eastern Perspective by The Honorable Dr. Abdel Salam Majali

Chapter 2: Bridging Science and Policy in Water Management by The Honorable Dr. Adnan Badran

Chapter 3: The Importance of Water Management in a Changing Waterscape by The Honorable Margaret Catley Carlson

PART 2. Scientific Contributions

Regional Planning and Management

Chapter 4: When Regionalism Works: An Exploration of Design Elements and Context by Dr. Andrea Gerlak, University of Arizona

Chapter 5: The Role of Creative Language in Addressing Political Asymmetries: The Israeli-Arab Water Agreements by Dr. Itay Fischendler, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Dr. Aaron T. Wolf, Oregon State University; and Gabriel Eckstein, Esq., Texas Wesleyan University School of Law

Aridity and the Fate of Agriculture

Chapter 6: The Outlook for Food Security in the Middle East and North Africa by Dr. Mahmoud Sohl, ICARDA

Chapter 7: Adapting Agriculture to Water Scarcity in Dry Environments by Dr. Theib Oweis, ICARDA

Chapter 8: The Fate of Agriculture in the MENA Countries by Dr. Lovell “Tu” Jarvis and Jean Paul Petraud, University of California, Davis, United States

PART 3. Panel and Group Discussion

Chapter 9: Bridging Science and Policy in the Management of Water Resources by Dr. Henry Vaux Jr. and Dan Dooley, Esq., University of California

PART 4. Summary and Conclusions

Chapter 10: Summary and Conclusions by Dr. Ayman Rabi, Palestinian Hydrology Group

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