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Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy - 8th Forum Presentations


Keynote Speakers:

Bridging science & policy in water management - pdf paper or presentation
H.E. Professor Adnan Badran, Former Prime Minister and President, Petra University, Jordan

The Importance of Management in a Changing Global Waterscape - pdf presentation
H.E. Margret Catley-Carlson, Diplomat, United Nations

Session Two:

The Benefits of Regionalism: Comparative Examples - pdf paper or presentation
Andrea Gerlak, University of Arizona, United States 

The Role of Creative Language in Addressing Political Realities: Middle-Eastern Water Agreements - pdf paper or presentation
Itay Fishhendler, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

20th Century Legacies: Variable Climate, Highly Engineered System - pdf presentation
Ellen Hanak, California Public Policy Institute, United States

The Danube: The Challenges of Multilateral Cooperation in River Basin Management - pdf presentation
Philip Weller, Commission to Protect the Danube River, Austria

Session Three:

The Outlook for Food Security in the Middle East - pdf paper or presentation
Mahmoud Solh, ICARDA, presented by Nasri Haddad, ICARDA

Methods of Adaptation - pdf paper or presentation
Theib Oweis, ICARDA

Consequences for Rural Communities - pdf paper or presentation
Lovell “Tu” Jarvis (presenter) and Jean Paul Petraud, University of California, Davis, United States

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