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Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy - 7th Forum Agenda

Water For The Americas: Challenges & Opportunities 
Buenos Aires, Republic of Argentina, November 15 -17, 2010

NOVEMBER 14 (Sunday)

Participants Arrive in Buenos Aires

NOVEMBER 15 (Monday)

0900 Participants Depart Hotel for Pre-Forum Field Trip

1000 Pre-Forum Field Trip Departs Buenos Aires Harbor for Parana Delta

1700 Pre-Forum Field Trip Returns to Buenos Aires Harbor

1930 Reception: National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences 

NOVEMBER 16 (Tuesday)

0900 Opening Ceremony

Dr. Henry Vaux, Chair, Rosenberg International Forum 
Mr. Daniel Dooley, Vice President, University of California 
Dr. Michael Clegg, Foreign Secretary, U.S. National Academy of Science 
Dr. Eduardo Charreau, President, ANCEFN, Argentina 
Canciller Jorge Enrique TAIANA Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio 
Internacional y Culto de la Republic of Argentina 
Dr. Lino Baranao, Minister of Science Technology and Productive Innovation 
Government of the Republic of Argentina 
Mr. Richard Rosenberg, Chairman, Bank of America, Ret.

0930 Keynote Address

Dr. Fabian Lopez, Under Secretary of Water Resources, Government of the 
Republic of Argentina


“Water Scarcity in the Americas: Common Problems” 
Henry Vaux, Chair Paul Perkins, Rapporteur

1000 “A Southern Perspective” Abel Mejia, Venezuela 
1020 Clarifying Discussion 
1030 “A Northern Perspective” David Getches, USA 
1050 Clarifying Discussion 
1100 General Discussion 
1200 Participants Identify Three Primary Lessons 
1215 Lunch 
1315 Lunch Concludes 


“Adaptation to Scarcity: The Range of Choice” 
Mordechai Shechter, Chair Helen Ingram, Rapporteur 

1330 “Institutional Response as an Adaptation” R. Maria Saleth, India 
1350 Clarifying Discussion 
1400 “The Patterns of Adaptation in Latin America” Jose Esteban Castro, U.K. 
1420 Clarifying Discussion 
1430 General Discussion 
1530 Participants Identify Three Primary Lessons 
1540 Afternoon Break 


“Supply and Sanitation: How are the Unserved to be Served?” 
Paul Perkins, Chair Alberto Garrido, Rapporteur 

1600 “Serving the Urban Unserved” Raul Lopardo, Argentina 
1620 Clarifying Discussion 
1630 “Serving the Rural Unserved” Katherine Vammen, Nicaragua 
1650 Clarifying Discussion 
1700 General Discussion 
1800 Participants Identify Three Primary Lessons 
1810 Adjourn for the Day 

1900 Visit and Reception: Coleccion de Arte Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Museum 
Olga Cossettini 141, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

NOVEMBER 17 (Wednesday)


“Lessons in Conjunctive Use” 
Ayman Rabi, Chair Ariel Dinar, Rapporteur 

0900 “Innovative Lessons in Ground Water Management” Tushaar Shah, IWMI, India 
0920 Clarifying Discussion 
0930 “The Case of Mexico” Blanca Jimenez, UNAM, Mexico 
0950 Clarifying Discussion 
1000 General Discussion 
1100 Participants Identify Three Primary Lessons 
1110 Coffee Break


“Cases in Transboundary Water Management” 
Robert Sandford, Chair Ariel Dinar, Rapporteur 

1130 “The Mackenzie River Basin” Rob de Loe, Canada 
1150 Clarifying Discussion 
1200 “The La Plata River Basin” Victor Pochat, Argentina 
1220 Clarifying Discussion 
1230 General Discussion 
1330 Participants Identify Three Primary Lessons 
1345 Lunch 


“The Role of Indigenous Claims to Water and Indigenous Knowledge” 
Helen Ingram, Chair Robert Sandford, Rapporteur 

1500 “Pursuing Indigenous Claims” Patricia Avila Garcia, Mexico 
1520 Clarifying Discussion 
1530 “The Importance of Traditional Knowledge” Michael Miltenberger, Canada 
1550 Clarifying Discussion 
1600 General Discussion 
1700 Participants Identify Three Primary Lessons 


Ariel Dinar, Chair 
1715 Three Person Reaction Panel Jose Tundisi, Brazil 
Guillermo Donoso, Chile 
1800 General Discussion Robert Sandford, Canada 
1815 Closing Ceremony 
1830 Adjourn 
2100 Gala Dinner: AySa SA – Aguas y Saneamiento S.A.

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