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Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy - 5th Forum Presentations


Keynote Speakers:

Factors for Success: Public and Private Sector Roles in Securing a Safe and Reliable Water Supply in a Time of Global Change (PDF) - Mr. Don Lowry, President & CEO, EPCOR, Edmonton, Alberta

Mountains of the World – Water Towers for the 21st Century (PDF) - Bruno Messerli

Upland Watershed Management In Developing World (PDF) - Sihem Benabdallah

Session One:

Challenges in Upland Watershed Management: For What? Form Whom? (PDF) - Holger Hoff

Water Management In Alpine Regions (PDF) - Pedro Arrojo-Agudo

Session Two:

Upland Watershed Management and Global Change – Canada’s Rocky Mountains and Western Plains (PDF) - Dave Sauchyn, Alain Pietroniro and Michael Demuth

Climate Change and Water Resources: Potential Impacts and Implications (PDF) - Richard M. Adams and Dannele E. Peck

Session Three: Case Study One

System Hydrology Tools for the Upper Catchments of the Jordan River and Lake Kinneret, Israel (PDF) - Alon Rimmer

Policy and Adaptation in the Jordan Valley (PDF) - Eng. Yousef Hasan Ayadi

Session Three: Case Study Two

A Case Study of the Saskatchewan River System for: Rosenberg Conference on Managing Upland Watersheds in an Era of Global Change (PDF) - D. W. Schindler, W. F. Donahue

Session Three: Case Study Three

Impacts of Climate Change on the Management of Upland Waters : The Rhone River Case (PDF) - Pr. Dr. Jean-Paul Bravard

Adaptive Management of Upland Rivers Facing Global Change: General Insights and Specific Considerations for the Rhone Basin (PDF) - Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Ger Berkamp, Katharine Cross

Session Three: Case Study Four

Overview and Brief History of the IJC (PDF) - Commissioner Jack Blaney

The International Joint Commission: A Case Study in the Management of International Waters (PDF) - The Honorable Dennis Schornack, John Nevin

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