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Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy - 4th Forum Agenda

Fourth Biennial Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy 
Ankara, Turkey


4 September 2004 (Saturday)

0730 Breakfast and check-out

0830 Orientation Briefing, Tugcan Hotel
- Geography, Geology, Hydrology and History - Mr. Mithat Rende, Turkish Foreign Ministry
- Orientation to GAP Project - Mr. Tolga Erogan, GAP
- Field Trip Orientation - Dr. Henry Vaux, Jr., University of California

0930 Visit to Gaziantep Archeological Museum to see the Belkis/Zeugma Mosaics

1030 Visit to Gaziantep Organized Industrial Area
Hosted by Mr. Cahit Nakiboglu, Chairman, Gaziantep Organized Industrial Area

Tour of Integrated Textile Industry (ASKO) and Integrated Plastic Industry (NAKSAN).

1200 Lunch, Hosted by Mr. Cahit Nakiboglu, Chairman, Gaziantep Organized Industrial Area

1400 Departure for Birecik Dam

1530 Visit Halfeti, Karaotlak resettlement area; Bald Ibis Growing Center

1700 Departure for Sanliurfa

1900 Check-in at Hotel Harran, Sanliurfa

2000 Dinner

5 September 2004 (Sunday)

0800 Breakfast

0900 Travel to Harran and visit the ancient city and irrigated sites near Harran

1100 Travel to Ataturk Dam

1300 Lunch at the Ataturk Dam, Hosted by GAP Administration

1400 Briefing by the GAP Administration, Tour of the Ataturk Dam

1530 Depart for Sanliurfa

1600 Visit outlet of Sanliurfa Water Tunnel

1630 Free time in Sanliurfa
Sites of Interest: City of Sanliurfa, Bedesten (old bazaar), Balikligol (Cave of Abraham)

2000 Dinner Hosted by General Directorates of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) 

6 September 2004 (Monday)

0730 Breakfast and check-out

1030 Departure to Sanliurfa Airport for Ankara (TK 767, Departs 1145)

1315 Arrive to Ankara-Esenboga Airport, Transfer to Hotel Bilkent and check-in

1430 Buffet Lunch at Bilkent Hotel, Ankara

1530 Free Afternoon, Voluntary tour to the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations 


2000 Dinner, Hosted by Professor Veysel Eroglu, 
General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) 

DAY ONE OF FORUM - 7 September 2004 (Tuesday)

0800 Breakfast, on-site 


0930 – Inaugural Speeches 

Dr. Henry J. Vaux, Jr., Associate Vice President Emeritus, University of California
Professor Ali Dogramaci, Rector, Bilkent University
Seyfi Tashan, Director, Foreign Policy Institute
Richard M. Rosenberg, Former President, Bank of America 


Keynote Speakers, Session Chair: Dr. Henry Vaux, Jr.

1030 The Importance of Transboundary Water Basin Management
- H. E. Süleyman Demirel, Former President of the Republic of Turkey

1050 Principles and Concepts for the Management of Transboundary River Basins
- Dr. Margaret Catley-Carlson, ICARDA and Global Water Partnership

1110 Cooperation in Managing Transboundary Water Resources: Evaluation Approaches and Experiences
- Dr. Ariel Dinar, The World Bank

1130 Roundtable: Questions and Answers

1200 Lunch - Hosted by Professor Ali Dogramaci, Rector, Bilkent University 


Case Study - Euphrates and Tigris River Basins, Session Chair: Mr. Fred Cannon 

1330 GAP as a Sustainable Development Project
- Muammer Yasar Ozgul, President, GAP Administration

1340 GAP as a Sustainable Water Resources Development Project
- Professor Veysel Eroglu, General Director, State Hydraulic Works

1350 Turkey’s Water Resources Management and Transboundary Rivers Policy
- Mithat Rende, Turkish Foreign Ministry

1400 Legal Aspects of Transboundary Rivers
- Yüksel Inan, Professor, Bilkent University

1415 Roundtable: Questions and Answers

1500 Refreshment Break 


Case Study - Columbia River Basin, Session Chair: Mr. Robert Sandford 

1530 Challenges and Opportunities in Managing a Transboundary River
- Josh Smienk and Kindy Gosel, Columbia Basin Trust

1550 Discussant: John Harrison, Northwest Planning and Conservation Council

1605 Roundtable: Questions and Answers

1700 Adjourn

1930 Dinner - Hosted by Mr. Muammer Yasar Özgül, President, GAP Administration 

DAY TWO OF FORUM - 8 September 2004 (Tuesday) 


0700 Breakfast, on-site

Case Study - The Nile River Basin, Session Chair: Dr. John Pigram

0830 The Nile Basin: A History of Cooperation
- Mr. Abdel Metawie, Egyptian Ministry of Water

0850 Basin-wide Shared Vision Program
- Mr. Patrick Kahengire, Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat, Entebbe, Uganda

0905 Subsidiary Action Program
- The Honorable Martha Karua, Minister for Water Resources, Management and Development, Nairobi, Kenya

0920 Roundtable: Questions and Answers

1000 Coffee Break


Case Study - The Danube River, Session Chair: Alberto Garrido

1030 Protecting the Danube River
- Mr. Philip Weller, International Commission for Protection of the Danube, Vienna, Austria

1050 Discussant: Mr. David Reeder, World Wildlife Fund

1105 Roundtable: Questions and Answers

1200 Lunch Hosted by the Government of Canada 


Case Study - The Parana-La Plata System, Session Chair: Ariel Dinar

1330 Transboundary Dimensions in Managing The Parana-La Plata System
- Sr. Victor Pochat, National Director for Water Policy, Argentina

1405 Discussant: Silvia Rafaelli,International Technical Coordinator, Argentina

1420 Roundtable: Questions and Answers

1500 Coffee Break

1530 Reaction Panel

1645 Closing Remarks and Acknowledgement of Sponsors

1730 Adjourn

1930 Dinner Hosted by Ali Dogramaci, Rector, Bilkent University 

(at own expense) 

9 September 2004 (Thursday)

0730 Breakfast and Check Out

0800 Trip to Cappadocia (Kapadokya)

Non-field trip participants depart Ankara 

10 September 2004 (Friday)

Return from Cappadocia Trip


On behalf of the Advisory Committee I welcome you to Turkey and the 4th Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy. This year’s Forum includes a pre-conference field trip to inspect arrangements for transboundary river basin management in the Euphrates Basin and some of the antiquities of Upper Mesopotamia. An elective post-conference trip to Cappadocia will provide an additional opportunity to see and learn about some of Turkey’s rich history. As usual these trips offer an opportunity to interact with Forum participants as well as the opportunity to see first-hand some of the water management challenges and successes in this part of the world.

Two days of formal sessions and informal discussions will focus on lessons in transboundary river basin management. There will be specific presentations and discussions on five case studies: 1)the Tigris-Euphrates River System; 2) the Columbia River; 3) the Nile River; 4) the Danube River; and 5) the Parana-LaPlata River System. I hope you will find the discussions informative and interesting.

This year several local co-sponsors join with the primary sponsors, the Bank of America and the University of California, to make this Forum possible. These include: the Turkish Foreign Policy Institute, the Southeastern Anatolia Regional Development Administration (GAP), 
the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI); and the Bilkent University. Representatives of these co-sponsors will be with us throughout the Forum. I hope you will make it a point to introduce yourself to these representatives and join with me in thanking them 
for their support.

I trust that all of you will enjoy the field trips and that you will have a chance to see some of Turkey’s capital city of Ankara. The Museum of 
the Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara is especially worth seeing and we will offer an elective field trip there the day before the Forum itself. May your stay in Ankara and elsewhere in Turkey be personally and professionally rewarding.

Sincerely yours,

Henry J. Vaux, Jr.
Chair, Advisory Committee

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