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Alternative Manure Management Program (AMMP)

CDFA’s Alternative Manure Management Program (AMMP) provides financial assistance for the implementation of non-digester manure management practices in California, which will result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. It awards funds up to $750,000.

Eligible practices include:

Turning a compost windrow

  • Either solid separation or conversion from flush to scrape, in conjunction with one of the following practices:
    • Solar drying
    • Daily spread
    • Solid storage
    • Composting
  • Alternative manure treatment and storage, such as:
    • Compost bedded pack barn, or
    • Slatted floor pit storage manure collection
  • Transitioning to a pasture-based system

How to apply:

The grant process includes a web-based application consisting of a series of questions that can be saved and returned to before submitting:

Projects located in "Severely Disadvantaged Communities" or SDACs will receive priority funding. To determine if you are in one of these areas, click here.


The 2019 deadline has now passed and applications are under review by CDFA. Recipients are expected to be announced in September 2019. To see a list of 2018 awardees, click here. 

If you are considering a 2020 AMMP application, it is helpful to obtain the necessary permits and quotes for projects before starting the application.

Please contact your local UC Cooperative Extension specialist for questions or help with the application. 


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