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California Institute for Water Resources
California Institute for Water Resources
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California Institute for Water Resources

Completed projects


Analyzing irrigation efficiency

Spatial analysis of irrigation efficiencies is critical to implementing water conservation strategies as climate changes over time. This study utilizes spatial approaches to presenting and managing data on transpiration ratios, surface soil retention and evaporation rates, and local weather conditions.

Improving groundwater recharge

Improving aquifer storage recovery operations can help to reduce nutrient loads and increase water supplies. This analysis of managed aquifer recharge in central coastal California quantified variability in infiltration, recharge, groundwater movement, and water quality. 

Assessing water quality & conservation attitudes

Water supplies are critical to urban populations in southern California. These supplies and the associated ecosystems are impacted by residents' decisions with respect to water conservation, pollution prevention, and landscape plants. 

Balancing species, ecosystem, and water resource needs

In many California watersheds, farmers and conservationists are working side-by-side to conserve winter rainfall in off-channel ponds to enhance dry season habitat for salmon. However, stream flow targets to guide successful project implementation are lacking.

Minimizing hexavalent chromium

Chromium(VI), known as hexavalent chromium, is a highly toxic and soluble compound that has been widely observed in groundwater across California. A new drinking water standard specific to chromium(VI) was recently proposed by the California Department of Public Health.

Regulating social and environmental costs of hydraulic fracturing

While California shale presents an extensive resource and has the potential to provide substantial benefits, expanded development of unconventional oil and gas production could require dramatic changes in the quantity and quality of water available for other uses in California.

Water quality and alfalfa yield

The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta region is a unique agricultural region of California. Delta farming is challenged by soil salinity, which can stress crops and reduce yields.

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